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Deus Vita’s Advanced Probiotic is Loaded with Live Bacteria. Boasting a staggering 5.75 billion CFU’s or Colony Forming Units.

Quality over Quantity

In a world where over consumption is an everyday part of life, we are proud to say we chose to offer a lesser amount than most competitors. The reason for this is simple: Your body can only utilize a maximum number of CFU’s at a given time. While there may be a slight advantage to a higher CFU count; there is no clinical evidence.


More is not always better!

In order to give you the maximum value, we searched out and selected the 7 best strains of bacteria. The strains we selected were chosen based off of research and quality. Our probiotic is a vegetable capsule rather than an enteric coated one. People have made the argument that many of these live bacteria will die off before they reach the stomach because they do not have a coating. However, there is no hard evidence to support this claim. Our Probiotic strains have been freeze dried to ensure freshness and quality. We are proud to say this product is made in the USA.

Our probiotic supplement is designed to support healthy digestive, intestinal, and immune health.

Some of the potential benefits of our Advanced Probiotic are:

>Healthier digestive tract
>Boost Immune Health
>Balance Yeast Growth
>Relief of Gas & Bloating

We are sure you will be satisfied with your purchase whether you are purchasing for the first time or a repeat customer. Your business is appreciated.

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